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Some astrologers feel that when a planet falls within a certain number of degrees of a house cusp, it makes its presence felt in both the houses that flank that cusp.

August 26 Zodiac Cusp

How many degrees? Depends on which astrologer you ask — some say as few as three degrees, others as many as ten. How I see it is that like a clock, 00 degrees belongs not to the sign it is leaving but the one it is entering. So does that have a similar effect on the houses as on signs? But of course, there are always 12 house cusps. I hope that helps! Thinking more on this. Theoretically, I consider your example Venus, at the doorway between two rooms i. Maria — Heh. I have my Jupiter intercepted in my 12th. What house system do you prefer? Excellent explanation April.

I use equal houses because of the issues with other house systems so I never use intercepted signs. Similarly with planets that sit at the very edge of a house, I only interpret them for the house they are actually in however close to the cusp of the next house they are. Thanks, Leah — I can definitely see the beauty of equal houses!

It drives me mad! Hi, i enjoy reading, thanx for posting. But also must say that i am born on cusp and i am so special : Ya, and my venus is also in TWO houses- i told u: sooooo special :. I have cap rising with intercepted aquarius. This explanation of behind the scenes with the actual cusp sign as PR makes more sense.

Beginners Corner: Cusps and interceptions

Technically she is a Scorpio, though a couple of hour later and she would be a Saggitarius! Some feel that planets in intercepted signs may suffer from the same disadvantage. Zane Stein, on the other hand, has written that planets in intercepted signs are actually more powerful but that we might be less consciously aware of how to use them. Thank you! I apologize, i had forgotten i had posed my question on your site. I returned to the book and reread with more attention and focus on simply receiving her wisdom-not looking for my answer.

On a side note, thank you for the article on being a stranger in your own home. My skin is not my own, as frank Herbert also assured me. Again, thank you, thank you for your attention. I think it probably means that people initially experience you as a Taurus, but very quickly encounter Gemini and probably get a little confused. Hey…Something has been bugging me. So on my 6th house I have Sagittarius 1.

Always felt I wanted to tell my Sagittarius friends what to do than to bond with them. Or a work related thing. But I was wondering if it does have an effect on our relationship that makes it seem like work rather than a relationship. I hope that helps…. Sorry if i had the wording kinda weird, i just learned about this. My birth chart has one signs skipped and others repeated. That would most likely put scorpio out of my houses. I am still confused how one can deny energy influences being born on a cusp between Sun Signs, except cusp of houses…… I believe that the energy influences on a cusp makes sense.

For example I am on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn. Although my sun sign is Capricorn I definitely resemble and relate to Sagittarius more so than Capricorn. I have other friends that are Taurus. My Aries Taurus cusp friend is very much both Aries and Taurus. Also, the ruling planet of the sign adjoining your Sun might be prominently placed in the chart, or that sign might be rising or on another angle of your chart.

I had a full chart reading done and I came away a little confused. I have sun in the 12th house in cancer with leo rising. The astrologer said I had an intercepted chart? Did she mean my sun was intercepted?

Astrology on the Cusp by Sally Cragin - Read Online

I think i need a new reading to better understand these placements. Hi Jen. I suppose those interpretations of the Sun intercepted could apply to some people, though many other factors in the birth chart could negate them. I have my Uranus in the 1st house and I think its in the 28 degree…which would put it really close to my second house…….

When a planet is in one house but within a few degrees of another, many astrologers interpret it as being in the next house. I'm your host, astrologer and author April Elliott Kent.


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Cusps and Signs Part of the problem is the term cusp. Signs, degrees, and house cusps Think of the chart wheel as a big ribbon with all degrees of the zodiac lining the inside like dots on wallpaper. Being born on the cusp of a sign is no different to the Sun occupying an earlier degree of that sign.

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It is the planets in the other signs and houses which add the wonderful shades and dimensions to our lives that make us the fascinating, complex and unique individuals that we are — just think of them as making up the amazing energy vibration that has resulted in you. Your chart shows that you are far more than just your Sun sign — cusp or not. Our planets help make us the best of all possible worlds. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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