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Besides going to metros like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, they have been overseas too, acquainting the people of places like Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia with their destinies.

The exposure has widened their horizon but neither technical advances nor educational accomplishments have dissuaded them from their passion. Muthusamy, one of the oldest astrologers in Konganapuram.

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This is no empty boast. A police constable, who requests anonymity, reasons: "I was brought up on astrology. How can I not practise it now? Off-duty you will find him contemplating Saturn's influence on a colleague's life.

Vaara Rasipalan (22nd - 28th September 2019)

Like him, there are many others-in banks, co-operative unions and private companies-who would spend their spare hours peering beyond Earth's mundane bounds. Even educated men, like science graduate M. Venkatesh, 26, find that astrology offers a full-time professional option, especially in the New Age when arcana is a legitimate pursuit. Once he realised his search for a white-collared job was leading nowhere, Venkatesh followed the stars. Armugam has no qualms about putting a figure to his earnings.

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It ranges from Rs 60 to Rs on a good day. But it is not simply for money that he does what he does.

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Muthuraman, the panchayat president. The men of Konganapuram believe that money corrupts and that their predictions come true because they are not greedy.

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The astrologer in the cities, they tell you, are money-minded men and women who dupe thousands of vulnerable people with fake predictions. Muthuraman vouches for the credibility of Konganapuram's rustic astrologers and claims that, among other predictions, the Valluva star readers had rightly foretold the return of AIADMK chief J.

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Jayalalithaa as chief minister of Tamil Nadu. However, the stars do not shine equally on the men and women of Konganapuram.

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As far as the Valluvas are concerned, practising astrology is a male prerogative. Their women, who are largely illiterate, do not argue with that. Click here differences are many. If you cannot please your friends, then they may bring you a bad. Strange cases- the lighthouse mystery.

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